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Plastic Surgery / Gynecomastia Breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia

Category: Gynecomastia
  History, reasons for the development and classification of gynecomastia
  Preparation for surgery for gynecomastia
  Breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia
  After breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia
  Complications and the risk of surgery for gynecomastia
  Gynecomastia: the results of operations (Photos)


Breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia

An operation to remove gynecomastia is usually performed under general anesthesia and lasts 1-1,5 hours. The operative field is sterilized with alcohol and cover with a sterile surgical linen. The surgeon then makes one of the possible cuts, and the one that they agreed with the patient in consultation.

There are several different methods of breast reduction in gynecomastia. Some of them are doing just liposuction, which is performed through small punctures (2-3 mm) and in some - you want to reduce excess skin and moving the nipple upward and, therefore, is hardly noticeable scar around the nipple.

In one of the methods used for breast reduction gynecomastia runs a small incision under the nipple - on the border of the pigmented areola and breast skin, the so-called paraareolyarny incision.


Through this incision using specialized tools are removed as the most breast tissue and breast adipose tissue. After the incision is sutured. Sometimes install the drain tube to remove blood, which can be a little leak from the cut. The method of stitching the cuts varies, but typically impose a thread stitching, which itself dissolves in the body. In this case, the scar is just under the areola. Lack of horizontal scar under the breast or the vertical scar on the side of the breast after surgery for gynecomastia is a big advantage this method of breast reduction in gynecomastia. Once the incisions are closed, they bandage and wear a patient specific compression garment.

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